Lord of the Rings – Saruman

As part of my attempt of clearing my painting desk I’ve finished the 6 Saruman figures that had been sat there for a few years since I had the brainwave or painting all the Maia for The Lord of the Rings,  I managed Radagast the Brown and Sauron before getting bored of the idea.
Saruman It’s actually the second time I’ve painted these as the first time the varnish went cloudy which is infuriating but seems to happen to everyone at some point.

The painting guide is below as usual –

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Dungeon Saga – Part 2

I’ve finally got finished the next batch of Dungeon Saga miniatures, some are a joy to paint others are a pita.

From left to right are the Armoured Zombies, Skeleton Scythe Men and Zombies

I’ve nearly done all the monsters now, I just need to finish the Skeleton Bowmen but I don’t have the urge to paint them yet so it may be a while until the next Dungeon Saga update. But I am currently working on a large unit of Skaven so that probably will be the next update.

The Painting guide is below if needed.

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Warhammer – Skaven Rat Swarms

I’ve painted the first unit of my Skaven army this weekend, although my Skaven army is mainly a 3rd edition army I do have a couple of units which are newer, the first is these rat swarms from 6th edition –

Skaven Rat Swarm

Sadly there were no rat swarm miniatures from the 80’s you were just supposed to stick the giant rats on to a 40mm base but I always found them far too large, so I’m using these as substitutes as apart from the skulls I think they fit with the older style pretty well.

Painting guide below as usual –

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Advanced Heroquest – Skaven Metal Prototype

I’m lucky enough to own all 6 of the Advanced Heroquest metal prototype miniatures, two of the miniatures are very rare, this Skaven and the Elf, the other four figures while rare do pop up on ebay occasionally but still fetch around £60 each. As a comparison between the plastic and metal miniature I’ve done this picture for you –

Advanced Heroquest SkavenAs you can see there are a few minor differences but they are essentially the same figure, to be honest I don’t particularly like either figure, the metal miniatures head looks a bit pig like to me, but as I’m about to start my Skaven army now I thought I’d paint the metal one up to test some colours that I’m thinking of using on them, and here is the finished result.I’m trying to get a drab look for the army with no bright colours, I’m happy with the fur but not sure about the tunics colour so I may change it for my first unit.

Painting guide below if you’re interested.

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Dungeon Saga – Part 1

Firstly I’ve decided on a few new years resolutions related to my hobby –

1. I have to paint two models for every one that I buy this year, this is becoming essential as although I didn’t paint much last year I was still buying as normal and all my cupboards seem to be overflowing with miniatures.
2. Clear my painting desk of unfinished miniatures, this may not sound too hard to you but right now there’s probably over 100 models on it in various stages of completion, one of which has been there for 16 years now.
3. Start my Skaven army and have enough units completed for a game by the end of the year.

They shouldn’t be too hard to achieve except perhaps the 2nd but we shall see.

Over the Christmas holidays I picked up a copy of Dungeon Saga from Mantic Games, I was interested in how it would compare to Heroquest in both quality and it’s game play. Although I haven’t played it yet I have begun painting the miniatures and they aren’t too bad, the sculpts are more detailed than the Heroquest miniatures but they are made from a much softer plastic which has some pro’s and con’s such as they bend instead of break if dropped, most figures had warped in the box but hot water straightens them out, hopefully they will stay in the correct pose now that they are painted. The mould lines are also quite hard to remove, the plastic seems to fur up instead of being removed cleanly, I’ve heard that freezing the models first can help here though I’ve yet to try it.

I’ve painted the first batch of undead monsters from the game, the Skeleton Swordsmen, Dwarf Revenants and Ghosts.

I didn’t want to spend a long time on the figures as they are obviously gaming pieces rather than display but I did want them to look like Mantics display pieces as much as possible. Painting Guides are below and I’m now onto the next group –
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Merry Christmas – Space Santa

Merry Christmas everyone, I’m not dead but I have been very busy with work for the last 6 months or so not giving me much time for painting, hopefully things will change a bit in the new year, but I did manage to find time to very quickly paint this old Citadel Space Santa just in time for Christmas –

Space Santa
Hopefully I’ll be able to get a fair bit of painting done over the Christmas holidays and into 2017.
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Lord of the Rings – Arwen Evenstar

I’ve been a bit busy this month doing the boring aspects of modelling (paint stripping, flash removal, undercoating) to get much painting done but I did manage to paint the four Lord of the Rings Arwen miniatures.arwen1

I’m pretty pleased with the result and am considering using a similar scheme for my Warhammer 3rd edition Dark Elves, a painting guide is below –

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Twisting Catacombs Scenery

Now that I’ve finished the Heroquest miniatures I want to work on some more furniture pieces from Zealot Miniatures to use with the game, I’ve got a lot of these to work on as I intend to use them for Advanced Heroquest too.

Painting guides and pictures are below –

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The Walking Dead Kickstarter

I’m always looking for new games that I can put in a cupboard for a few years until I find time to paint them, so I was pleased to find that Mantic are making a Walking Dead game on Kickstarter, it’s based on the comics rather than the TV show so the miniatures aren’t in a likeness of the actors.

The game is already funded with seventeen days remaining, and with the pledge level being around £85 it’s good value as it’s worth nearly £175 at retail prices.

If you are interested, there’s a video of a demo game from Beasts of War.

And the kickstarter itself –


Heroquest – Chaos Sorcerer

I did manage to get him done before Christmas but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to update or do any more painting.

This is my least favourite figure from the box, I can’t say exactly why but his style just doesn’t seem right. I can never decide if the skull is a mask or his face and the arm bands he’s wearing seem huge and rather pointless accessories, his skimpy tunic is ok but the gloves don’t really match the aesthetic .

This was actually one of the first figures I painted back in the summer, he was in different colours but I wasn’t happy with the result so he got paint stripped again. I’m still not happy with him, but after looking through google images for a while I realised I don’t like any that I’ve seen so maybe it’s just the miniature I don’t like.



With that that the Heroquest basegame is done, I’ve painted Kellars Keep and Return of the Witchlord at the same time so that should keep us busy for a while playing through them again. I’ve also got my hands on decent copies of Against the Ogre Horde and Wizards of Morcar 🙂

Painting Guide

This basically a mix of the other figures I’ve done for the game (Chaos Warriors, Skeletons and the Elfs skin)

The Skull mask or face was started with a Beasty Brown base coat then dry brushed Bonewhite followed by a Sepia Wash, I then lightly dry brushed a 50/50 mix of Bonewhite and Off White.

The horns on the helmet were base coated with Charred Brown, then blended gradually lighter towards the tip with Heavy Brown, Earth and Bone White.

From a Black undercoat the helmet, arm bands and belt were painted with Gunmetal mixed with 2 parts Black, it was then shaded with Black Wash and then highlighted with the Gunmetal and Black mix again, a final highlight of Gunmetal was applied to the sharpest edges.

The skin was painted with a base coat of Dark Flesh, then Dwarf Flesh was added to all but the deepest recesses followed by a Fleshtone Wash. I highlighted with Dwarf Flesh again and then a mix of Dwarf Flesh and Elf Flesh, a final highlight with Elf Flesh was then used on the highest points.

The gloves and boots and tunic were base coated Black and then highlighted with a mix of a little Cold Grey with Black, subsequent highlight were done with more Cold Grey added to the mix. The edge of the tunic and belt were then Painted with Glorious Gold and washed with Black Wash.