Advanced Heroquest – Skaven Metal Prototype

I’m lucky enough to own all 6 of the Advanced Heroquest metal prototype miniatures, two of the miniatures are very rare, this Skaven and the Elf, the other four figures while rare do pop up on ebay occasionally but still fetch around £60 each. As a comparison between the plastic and metal miniature I’ve done this picture for you –

Advanced Heroquest SkavenAs you can see there are a few minor differences but they are essentially the same figure, to be honest I don’t particularly like either figure, the metal miniatures head looks a bit pig like to me, but as I’m about to start my Skaven army now I thought I’d paint the metal one up to test some colours that I’m thinking of using on them, and here is the finished result.I’m trying to get a drab look for the army with no bright colours, I’m happy with the fur but not sure about the tunics colour so I may change it for my first unit.

Painting guide below if you’re interested.

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Dungeon Saga – Part 1

Firstly I’ve decided on a few new years resolutions related to my hobby –

1. I have to paint two models for every one that I buy this year, this is becoming essential as although I didn’t paint much last year I was still buying as normal and all my cupboards seem to be overflowing with miniatures.
2. Clear my painting desk of unfinished miniatures, this may not sound too hard to you but right now there’s probably over 100 models on it in various stages of completion, one of which has been there for 16 years now.
3. Start my Skaven army and have enough units completed for a game by the end of the year.

They shouldn’t be too hard to achieve except perhaps the 2nd but we shall see.

Over the Christmas holidays I picked up a copy of Dungeon Saga from Mantic Games, I was interested in how it would compare to Heroquest in both quality and it’s game play. Although I haven’t played it yet I have begun painting the miniatures and they aren’t too bad, the sculpts are more detailed than the Heroquest miniatures but they are made from a much softer plastic which has some pro’s and con’s such as they bend instead of break if dropped, most figures had warped in the box but hot water straightens them out, hopefully they will stay in the correct pose now that they are painted. The mould lines are also quite hard to remove, the plastic seems to fur up instead of being removed cleanly, I’ve heard that freezing the models first can help here though I’ve yet to try it.

I’ve painted the first batch of undead monsters from the game, the Skeleton Swordsmen, Dwarf Revenants and Ghosts.

I didn’t want to spend a long time on the figures as they are obviously gaming pieces rather than display but I did want them to look like Mantics display pieces as much as possible. Painting Guides are below and I’m now onto the next group –
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