Heroquest – Chaos Sorcerer

I did manage to get him done before Christmas but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to update or do any more painting.

This is my least favourite figure from the box, I can’t say exactly why but his style just doesn’t seem right. I can never decide if the skull is a mask or his face and the arm bands he’s wearing seem huge and rather pointless accessories, his skimpy tunic is ok but the gloves don’t really match the aesthetic .

This was actually one of the first figures I painted back in the summer, he was in different colours but I wasn’t happy with the result so he got paint stripped again. I’m still not happy with him, but after looking through google images for a while I realised I don’t like any that I’ve seen so maybe it’s just the miniature I don’t like.



With that that the Heroquest basegame is done, I’ve painted Kellars Keep and Return of the Witchlord at the same time so that should keep us busy for a while playing through them again. I’ve also got my hands on decent copies of Against the Ogre Horde and Wizards of Morcar 🙂

Painting Guide

This basically a mix of the other figures I’ve done for the game (Chaos Warriors, Skeletons and the Elfs skin)

The Skull mask or face was started with a Beasty Brown base coat then dry brushed Bonewhite followed by a Sepia Wash, I then lightly dry brushed a 50/50 mix of Bonewhite and Off White.

The horns on the helmet were base coated with Charred Brown, then blended gradually lighter towards the tip with Heavy Brown, Earth and Bone White.

From a Black undercoat the helmet, arm bands and belt were painted with Gunmetal mixed with 2 parts Black, it was then shaded with Black Wash and then highlighted with the Gunmetal and Black mix again, a final highlight of Gunmetal was applied to the sharpest edges.

The skin was painted with a base coat of Dark Flesh, then Dwarf Flesh was added to all but the deepest recesses followed by a Fleshtone Wash. I highlighted with Dwarf Flesh again and then a mix of Dwarf Flesh and Elf Flesh, a final highlight with Elf Flesh was then used on the highest points.

The gloves and boots and tunic were base coated Black and then highlighted with a mix of a little Cold Grey with Black, subsequent highlight were done with more Cold Grey added to the mix. The edge of the tunic and belt were then Painted with Glorious Gold and washed with Black Wash.