Heroquest – Barbarian

The Heroquest Barbarian is done, he’s probably the worst sculpt from the game as he has very little real detail.

I’m working on the Dwarf already and then it’s onto some more Twisting Catacombs scenery pieces.

Painting Guide

From an undercoat of Black the flesh was basecoated with Dark Fleshtone then layered with Bronze Fleshtone then shaded with Fleshwash, a highlight of Bronze Fleshtone was added and then finally Dwarf Skin on the most prominent features. The hair is Black with a highlight of Black mixed with Cold Grey.

The sword blade, pommel and studs on the belt is Gunmetal, shaded with Black Wash then highlighted with Gunmetal again, while the quillon on the sword is Glorious Gold shaded with Fleshwash, highlighted with Glorious Gold again and then finally with Polished Gold.

The Barbarians belt is Dark Fleshtone, shaded with Umber Wash and then highlighted with Dark Fleshtone and then Dark Fleshtone mixed with Bleached Bone.

The boots and the strapping are Charred Brown and then highlighted in a couple of stages with Charred Brown mixed with increasing quantities of Bleached Bone. The fur on the boots and loincloth is Beasty Brown then shaded with Umber Wash, highlighted with Beasty Brown and then finally with Beasty Brown and Bleached Bone.


Heroquest – Goblins

The Goblins are all done, they took me a bit longer than expected because I painted all the Twisting Catacombs doors I have too.

I’m not entirely sure I’m happy with the skin as prefer more natural tones than bright green but overall I’m pleased. I will have to think whether I want the Orcs to be the same or darker though.

I’ll probably have a go with another hero now to break up the monotony, painting guide for the Goblins down below.

Painting Guide

From a Black undercoat the Goblin skin was base coated with Army Painter Army Green then washed with Vallejo Umber Wash, then a Green Wash and then Umber Wash once again. The skin was then layered with Army Green again. The eyes are Gold Yellow then shaded with a mixture of Red and Yellow Ink, then a Black pupil was added.

The clothes, shoes and weapon grip are all painted the same with a base coat of Earth followed by an Umber Wash, then layered with Earth and then finally with a mix of Earth and Bonewhite. The Belt is Beasty Brown then 2 coats of Umber Wash and a highlight of Beasty Brown.

The Goblins weapons and belt buckle are base coated with Gunmetal then given an Umber and Black mix Wash, highlighted with Gunmetal and then given an Umber and Black Wash again. The shaft on the axe is a base coat of Heavy Sienna, an Umber Wash and then a light dry brush of Heavy Sienna mixed with Gold Yellow.

I varnished the whole model with Army Painter Anti Shine Matt Varnish.


Twisting Catacombs – Doors

Some time last year I backed Twisting Catacombs Dungeon Scenery by Zealot Miniatures, it arrived earlier this week and it is fantastic quality stuff with great detail and a perfect replacement for Heroquest’s cardboard furniture. So I set aside the Goblins I’m working on and started on some doors.

Twisting Catacombs DoorsI’ve got lots more furniture and scenery work on but for now I’d better get back to the Goblins.

Painting Guide

The doors are very easy to paint I started with an all over black undercoat.

I started on the door frame and base with a heavy drybrush of Cold Grey was first applied so that most of the Black undercoat was covered except in the deepest recesses, I then shaded the model with a mix of Black and Umber Wash. I then drybrushed with Cold Grey, Stonewall Grey and finally Ghost Grey getting lighter with each colour. Because drybrushing leaves a grainy finish I used a very watered down Black Wash (75% water) to smooth out the drybrushing and darken the model a little.

The wooden door was base coated with Heavy Sienna, given a watered down Black Wash then highlighted with Heavy Sienna mixed with Bleached Bone in equal quantities, the final highlight was a mix of 2 parts Heavy Sienna, 1 part Bleached Bone  and 2 parts Gold Yellow.

The metal detailing was base coated with Gunmetal then just given shade with an equal mix of Black Wash and Umber Wash. A few edges were highlighted with Gunmetal again.

To finish I used Army Painter Anti Shine Matt Varnish.