Heroquest – Barbarian

The Heroquest Barbarian is done, he’s probably the worst sculpt from the game as he has very little real detail.

I’m working on the Dwarf already and then it’s onto some more Twisting Catacombs scenery pieces.

Painting Guide

From an undercoat of Black the flesh was basecoated with Dark Fleshtone then layered with Bronze Fleshtone then shaded with Fleshwash, a highlight of Bronze Fleshtone was added and then finally Dwarf Skin on the most prominent features. The hair is Black with a highlight of Black mixed with Cold Grey.

The sword blade, pommel and studs on the belt is Gunmetal, shaded with Black Wash then highlighted with Gunmetal again, while the quillon on the sword is Glorious Gold shaded with Fleshwash, highlighted with Glorious Gold again and then finally with Polished Gold.

The Barbarians belt is Dark Fleshtone, shaded with Umber Wash and then highlighted with Dark Fleshtone and then Dark Fleshtone mixed with Bleached Bone.

The boots and the strapping are Charred Brown and then highlighted in a couple of stages with Charred Brown mixed with increasing quantities of Bleached Bone. The fur on the boots and loincloth is Beasty Brown then shaded with Umber Wash, highlighted with Beasty Brown and then finally with Beasty Brown and Bleached Bone.