Heroquest – Fimir

I’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks so I haven’t had a great deal of time to do any painting, I did manage to find time for the Fimir though –

heroquest_fimir hopefully I should be more or less back to normal now and can get the rest of the game done by Christmas

Painting Guide:

I wanted the Fimir’s skin to be brown rather than green so I base coated with Earth, gave it an Umber Wash, highlighted with Earth again and then finished off with Heavy Brown on the most prominent areas.

The teeth and toenails were painted with a base coat of Desert Yellow then layered with Desert Yellow and Bleached Bone in increasing amounts until it was pure Bleached Bone, finally they were given a wash of Black and Umber. The eyes are Desert Yellow, shaded with a mix of Red and Yellow Ink. The small bumps on the tail are just Desert Yellow.

I used a base coat of Tinny Tin on the armour and bracelets, followed by a mix of Black and Umber wash, then highlight ed with Brassy Brass and the wash mix again last of all. The armour straps are Dark Fleshtone, shaded with Umber Wash and then highlighted with Dark Fleshtone and then Dark Fleshtone mixed with Bleached Bone.

The axe head and chain mail are Boltgun Metal, washed with a mix of Black and Umber, then highlighted with Boltgun Metal again. The axe handle is Desert Yellow with three coats of Umber Wash.