Heroquest – Dwarf

Now the Dwarf from Heroquest is done too and I’m pushing on with the Chaos Warriors which are nearly done, still hoping to have my first game over the Christmas holidays –

Painting Guide

The small area of flesh on show was painted with Dark Fleshtone then Bronze Fleshtone, a highlight of Dwarf Skin and then a final highlight of Dwarf Skin mixed with Elf Flesh. His beard is base coated with Cold Grey then because there isn’t a lot of detail to dry brush I painted streaks onto it with Cold Grey mixed with Stonewall Grey, I highlighted the streaks with Stonewall Grey and then with Ghost Grey, finally a few fine streaks of Dead White were applied.

His armour and axe head is base coated Gunmetal and shaded with a Black Wash, Gunmetal is used a highlight again. The gold areas are painted with Glorious Gold shaded with Umber Wash with a Glorious Gold highlight and then a Polished Gold final highlight.

The garment under the armour is painted with Cayman Green, shaded with Black Wash, highlighted with Cayman Green and then a final highlight of Cayman Green mixed with Bleached Bone.

The Dwarfs shirt is base coated with Heavy Red, given a Black Wash, highlighted with layers of Gory Red and then a mix of Gory Red mixed with Bloody Red, then a final layer of Bloody Red.

His belt and grips on the axe handle were painted with Dark Fleshtone, then highlighted with Dark Fleshtone mixed with Bleached Bone

The boots and gloves are base-coated with Heavy Brown then shaded with Umber Wash, highlighted with Earth and then a final highlight of Earth mixed with Bleached Bone.