Lord of the Rings – Saruman

As part of my attempt of clearing my painting desk I’ve finished the 6 Saruman figures that had been sat there for a few years since I had the brainwave or painting all the Maia for The Lord of the Rings,  I managed Radagast the Brown and Sauron before getting bored of the idea.
Saruman It’s actually the second time I’ve painted these as the first time the varnish went cloudy which is infuriating but seems to happen to everyone at some point.

The painting guide is below as usual –

The robes were base coated with a mix of equal quantity Stonewall Grey and Elf Skintone with small amounts of Bonewhite and Black added. Each successive highlight was applied by adding small amounts of an equal quantity mix of Elf Skintone and Bonewhite to the base coat mixture. The tassels at the centre of his robe were given a final highlight with Dead White.

Saruman or SharkeySharkey’s cloak is painted with Earth shaded with Umber Wash. It was then highlighted with Earth again and a final highlight of Earth mixed with a little Bonewhite.


Saruman’s flesh started with a base coat of Dark Fleshtone, once this had dried, the face was highlighted with Dwarf Skin, highlighting up with an equal quantity mix of Elf Skintone and Dwarf Skin before finishing off with a final highlight of Elf Skintone on its own.


Saruman’s staff was painted Black then highlighted with a mix of equal parts Black and Cold Grey. The small orb on the staff was just painted with Dead White. The Palantir was painted Black and they stippled with Bloody Red, then with a lesser amount of Orange Fire and then finally stippled very lightly with Gold Yellow.


His hair was painted using a base coat of Cold Grey and Skull White in an equal parts mix, with a very small amount of Beasty Brown added. This was then highlighted with Ghost Grey and then a final highlight of Dead White on the ends of the hair.

Saruman on horse

Saruman’s horse was base coated with Dark Fleshtone and then shaded with two coats of Umber Wash, when it was dry it was then highlighted with Dark Fleshtone again. The horses mane, tail and socks were painted Black then highlighted with a mix of equal parts Black and Cold Grey.

The base is painted with Beasty Brown and then given an Umber Wash, it was then dry brushed with Beasty Brown, Leather Brown and finally Bonewhite with each dry brush getting lighter.