Merry Christmas – Plague Santa

Well what a strange year 2020 has been, it seemed that this model from Wargames Foundry was the obvious choice this year for a Christmas figure to paint.

Plague Santa Front

Plague Santa Back

I quite enjoyed painting him as he’s relatively simple to do which is just what I wanted after a long break from painting, unfortunately the last couple of years have been very busy for me with a close family member dying and my business has been growing very quickly and then this year I’ve had building work been carried out so I haven’t had much time for any painting for a long time. Things are hopefully settling down now though so my new years resolution is to get painting as much as I can as I’ve still been buying miniatures like a mad man.

I imagine this year has been pretty terrible for many people but I hope you have had at least something to celebrate, but lets hope for a better New Year and Happy Christmas to you all.

Painting Guide below –

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