Advanced Heroquest – Skaven Metal Prototype

I’m lucky enough to own all 6 of the Advanced Heroquest metal prototype miniatures, two of the miniatures are very rare, this Skaven and the Elf, the other four figures while rare do pop up on ebay occasionally but still fetch around £60 each. As a comparison between the plastic and metal miniature I’ve done this picture for you –

Advanced Heroquest SkavenAs you can see there are a few minor differences but they are essentially the same figure, to be honest I don’t particularly like either figure, the metal miniatures head looks a bit pig like to me, but as I’m about to start my Skaven army now I thought I’d paint the metal one up to test some colours that I’m thinking of using on them, and here is the finished result.I’m trying to get a drab look for the army with no bright colours, I’m happy with the fur but not sure about the tunics colour so I may change it for my first unit.

Painting guide below if you’re interested.

I did the base first, I wanted a stone texture to fit in with the Advanced Heroquest tiles so I bought some Wills Scenic York Stone Paving plasticard and added it as a topper to the base. From a Black undercoat give it a heavy dry brush of Khaki, then use the Black and Umber Wash mix, dry brush with Khaki again, then Khaki mixed with Bonewhite and finally a very light dry brush of just Bonewhite. When that’s dry wash it with a very watered down Sepia Wash.

From a Black undercoat, the Skavens fur was painted with Earth given an Umber Wash to shade, then Earth was Dry Brushed over this, followed by a lighter dry brush of Khaki on the most prominent areas.

The face, hands, feet and tail were painted with Bronze Fleshtone, shaded with Umber Wash, Bronze Fleshtone again, and final highlight of Dwarf Skin, the teeth and nails were both painted the same, a Plague Brown base coat highlighted with Bonewhite and then Umber Washed. The eyes are just a dot of Gory Red shaded with Umber Wash when the surrounding skin was and they a Bloody Red highlight.

The Skavens tunic was painted with a base coat of Cayman Green, shaded with Umber Wash, highlighted with Cayman Green, and a final highlight of Cayman Green mixed with Bonewhite. His pouches are Beasty Brown, Umber Wash, Beasty Brown again, and finally Beasty Brown mixed with Bonewhite. The belt and dagger scabbard were painted with Dark Fleshtone, Umber Wash, Dark Fleshtone again, then Dark Fleshtone and Bonewhite.

All the metal parts on the model were painted with Gunmetal, washed with Umber Wash, highlighted with Gunmetal and then darkened with Black Wash. The wood on the shield and sword handle is Beasty Brown, dry brushed with Khaki and then Bonewhite, shaded with Black and Umber Wash, and a final light dry brush of Leather Brown.