Lord of the Rings – Arwen Evenstar

I’ve been a bit busy this month doing the boring aspects of modelling (paint stripping, flash removal, undercoating) to get much painting done but I did manage to paint the four Lord of the Rings Arwen miniatures.arwen1

I’m pretty pleased with the result and am considering using a similar scheme for my Warhammer 3rd edition Dark Elves, a painting guide is below –

Painting Guide

Arwen’s skin was painted with a base coat of Dark Fleshtone, this was highlighted with Dwarf Skin, Flesh Wash was applied to shade the face and hands then Dwarf Skin was highlighted again, an equal parts mix of Dwarf Skin and Elf Skin was then used and finally Elf Skin was then used as a final extreme highlight. Her eyes were painted with Off White and Black for the pupil.

An equal mix of Imperial Blue and Black was used as base coat on Arwen’s dress, Sombre Grey was added in increasing quantities for successive highlights with Stonewall Grey added for the final highlight on just the edges. The inner robe is
Hexed Lichen mixed with Bonewhite, I then shaded it with Army Painter Purple Shade mixed with Black Wash, it was highlighted with the same Hexed Lichen and Bonewhite mix, I then added more Bonewhite for the final highlight.


Her hair and boots are painted the same, simply painted Black, then dry brushed Cold Grey, and given a Black Wash.

Arwen’s sword is painted with Gunmetal shaded with Black Wash, the blade was then highlighted with Gunmetal and then Chainmail Silver on the edges. The scabbard and sword handles are painted with Charred Brown with Filthy Brown added for subsequent highlights. The metal decorations are just Glorious Gold highlighted with Polished Gold.


Asfaloth was painted with a base coat of Cold Grey,  then a mix of Cold Grey and Stonewall Grey in equal quantities, Stonewall Grey was then used alone for the next stage, and then Stonewall Grey mixed with Dead White, and then finally just Dead White. The horses mane and tail and the fur around the saddle are Cold Grey dry brushed with Bonewhite, Off White was used as a final dry brush on just the fur, While the hooves are Black highlighted with Cold Grey. The horses reins are a base coat of Charred Brown with Filthy Brown added for subsequent highlights. The metal bits are Gunmetal highlighted with Chainmail.


Frodo’s skin is the same as Arwens, whilst his cloak is Cayman Green mixed with Black as a basecoat, then more Cayman Green is added to the mix for the next stage and then just Cayman Green was used, for the final highlights Bonewhite was added to the Cayman Green.

The base is painted with Beasty Brown and then given an Umber Wash, it is then dry brushed with Beasty Brown, Leather Brown and finally Bonewhite with each dry brush getting lighter.