Heroquest – Wizard

The last of the four heroes is now done, hopefully I can get the Gargoyle and Chaos Sorcerer done in the next few days.

heroquest_wizardI’m really not sure about the things I’ve painted on the tunic, I may try and redo them a bit better as it looked too plain without them.

Painting Guide

The wizards face was painted with a Dark Fleshtone base, then Dwarf Skin, shaded with Flesh Wash, then layered with Dwarf Skin, then Dwarf Skin mixed with Elf Skin and then finally a highlight of Elf Skin. The hair was base coated with Leather Brown, shaded with Umber Wash, highlighted with Leather brown and then a final highlight of Leather Brown mixed with Bleached Bone.

The cloak was painted with Hexed Lichen and then highlighted in layers of Hexed Lichen mixed with increasing quantities of Bleached Bone.

The tunic was base coated with Bleached Bone, then increasing quantities of Dead White was added to the Bleached Bone to highlight. His Belt was painted with Beasty Brown and then given an Umber Wash.

I painted the trousers with Night Blue, Imperial Blue, then Imperial Blue mixed with Magic Blue, and finally Magic Blue on the most prominent areas. I did the little blue triangles on the tunic with this too.

His boots and gloves were painted with Heavy Brown, given an Umber Wash, highlighted with Earth, and finally Khaki.

The wizards staff is Heavy Sienna, Umber Wash and then streaked with Heavy Sienna mixed with Gold Yellow, the top is Bright Bronze, then Glorious Gold and finally Polished Gold.