Heroquest – Orcs

The last big hurdle has gone now with all sixteen of the Orcs painted, I did them a simple colour scheme which helped a lot.

heroquest_orcsJust three more miniatures to paint, going to get cracking on the Wizard now.

Painting Guide

The Orcs skin is base coated with Heavy Green then shaded with Umber Wash, Heavy Green is used again on the raised areas and then a final highlight of Heavy Green mixed with Bleached Bone. Their eyes are Gold Yellow, then shaded with a mix of Yellow and Red Ink and just given a dot of Black for the pupil. The two protruding teeth are base coated with Earth, then blended with Bleached Bone and then finally given a coat of Umber Wash to darken them a little.

The tunic and boots are painted with Heavy Brown, shaded with Umber Wash and then highlighted with Heavy Brown again. The belt is simply Beasty Brown shaded with Umber Wash, all the metal is Gunmetal shaded with Umber and Black Wash, and then highlighted with Gunmetal again if it needs it.

The wooden weapon handles are Heavy Sienna, Umber Wash and then streaked with Heavy Sienna mixed with Gold Yellow.