Heroquest – Chaos Warrior

I’ve finished the four Chaos Warriors now, I’ve gone for the dark look but was tempted to one in each colour of the Chaos gods. My list of figures to do is still pretty big (Wizard, Chaos Sorcerer, Orcs, Gargoyle) but I’m getting there.


Painting Guide

From a Black undercoat the armour was painted with Gunmetal mixed with 2 parts Black, the edges of the armour were then Painted with Glorious Gold. The armour was then shaded with Black Wash and then highlighted with the Gunmetal and Black mix again, and the gold with Glorious Gold. The chain mail and the axe head were painted with Gunmetal mixed in equal quantities with Black, shaded with Black Wash and then dry brushed with Gunmetal.

The axe handle was painted with Charred Brown, highlighted with Earth. The grip on the handle is Heavy Brown, shaded with Umber Wash, highlighted with Heavy Brown again and then given a final highlight of Desert Yellow.

The horns on the helmet were base coated with Charred Brown, then blended with gradually lighter towards the tip with Heavy Brown, Earth and Bone White.

The gloves and boots were base coated Black and then highlighted with Vallejo Model Colour Black Grey you could probably mix a little Cold Grey with Black to get the same colour but my bottle was empty. I then gave it a Black Wash to smooth things out a little.

The small patches of trousers you can see beneath the armour are Black mixed with Cold Grey and then highlighted with Cold Grey.