Back to the beginning

It seems fitting that the first project on the blog is with the game that got me and so many others started in miniature painting over 25 years ago – Heroquest.

Heroquest BoxAlthough I still have the original game I had when I was a kid it’s a bit battered after being in the loft for 20 years or so, it has a few broken broken pieces now mainly the skeletons scythes but there’s a few Orc and Goblin weapons that have broken off. The painting I did as a child is also embarrassing to be honest, just flat colours. So I set out to get myself a new pristine copy from ebay rather than strip and repair everything.

I was fortunate and managed to buy a copy for around £60 which is pretty reasonable when you see what some people pay these days. The game has now arrived and it’s really brought back some fond memories of playing with my dad and brother around the dining room table. The game was in very good condition with nothing painted or broken allowing me to get on and remove mould lines and flash from the figures which I’ve nearly completed with just the Orcs and Goblins left to do.

I’ve decided to start the painting with the skeletons as I know they’ll be the easiest figures in the set to paint so hopefully they shouldn’t take me long.

I’d better make a start!