Firstly welcome to our blog, this is our first blog so please forgive any website glitches, we’lI hopefully improve the appearance and content of the site of the coming weeks.

This blog will attempt to chronicle our painting and modelling exploits although updates will probably be erratic with a flurry of posts followed by long silences. Our interests are quite wide and varied from old Citadel Miniatures long out of production to brand new releases like the Alien Vs Predator board game by Prodos Games. We’ll try and review a few products and tools too as we spend far too much on our hobby, it’s the reverse of alchemy we turn gold into lead.

If you’re wondering why “The Brothers Grimm” for our blog name, we really are two brothers from Yorkshire who both like fantasy stories, and citadel miniatures made two Orc figures in the 80’s called The Brothers Grimm which we luckily own (still unpainted) as you can see –