Heroquest – Gargoyle

I went for something quick and simple with this, I’m quite pleased with the result for the amount of time spent on it.


Just one more figure to paint now so I guess I will get it done before Christmas, but we have family visiting already so it will be hard to find time.

Painting Guide

The Gargoyles skin was base coated Beasty Brown and then given an Umber Wash to shade it (twice on the wings), highlights were added with Beasty Brown and then final highlight with Beasty Brown mixed with Bleached Bone. It’s tongue and gums were painted with Heavy Red, then high lighted with a mix of Heavy Red and Bleached Bone, adding more Bleached Bone for the subsequent highlights. It’s eyes are Gory Red and the teeth, toe and finger nails were all painted the same, just a base coat of Earth and then a little blending with Bleached Bone and then a wash with Umber Wash to smooth things out. The gargoyles whip was painted with a base coat of Leather Brown, then two coats of Umber Wash then a dry brush of Leather Brown followed by a light dry brush of Earth.

The armour and sword were painted Tinny Tin with the edges done in Gunmetal, all of it was then shaded with a mix of Umber and Black Wash, a light dry brush of Tinny Tin or Gunmetal was then done to bring out the raised areas. The armour straps were painted Black and then highlighted with Black mixed with Cold Grey.